Our Guru Maharaj


A tribute to our beloved eternal Guru Maharaj Bibi Satya Devi Ji Di.

Since the late 20th century, our Guru Maharaj left so much for their sangat and children all around the world. They urged Baba Ji’s teachings and provided so much guidance in our lives’. Over the decades, they have helped to provide new mandirs, murti’s, langar, money, and endless amounts of clothing.

Our Guru Maharaj is
Our Guru, Our Parent, Our Teacher, Our Leader, Our True Love

Guru Maharaj is the light at the end of the tunnel in life. They provide guidance to sangat regardless of where they came from. Helping us to stay on the correct path to reach Baba Ji.

On March 4th 2014,

Our beloved Guru Maharaj Bibi Satya Devi Ji left their physical form. However, they continue to reside in Dassan De Dass, Faqiran De Faqir, Guru Maharaj Ranghar Badshah Ji. As they continue their support and provide guidance to sangat all over the world. Every March 4th each year, a varsi is held to pay our devotion and appreciation to our beloved Guru Maharaj in respect of all they have done for us.

Jai Guru Maharaj Bibi Satya Devi Ji Di,
Jai Guru Maharaj Ranghar Badshah Ji Di,
Jai Baba Ji Di,
Jai Mata Ji Di